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Youth Care UPA is a program of the UPA Far North Coast to provide a secure, safe and caring alternate living arrangement for those young people who cannot or choose not to live with their natural families.

It is our mission to provide an efficient and effective out of home care which empowers young people, and creates opportunities for their future to enhance their quality of life.This will be achieved in collaboration with the young person, their family and other relevant people.

Youth Care UPA plans for quality outcomes, while providing outreach and support to young people with identified needs.

We are also one of the only organisations in the field to work closely with the child’s birth family, facilitating change so as to address the cause of problems and work toward a positive outcome for all involved.

If you know a child at risk, please contact the Community Services Help Line on 13 21 11.

Following the release of the Usher Report in 1992, which recommended the restructure of out-of-home services, there was a progressive move towards the placement of children within their own communities, in a family setting, rather than group homes or residential services.

UPA worked with the Department and other non-government agencies in the development of an overall plan for service models of care for children.

By 1997 the UPA’s Sunnylands Children’s Home had closed and funding was sought for the implementation of the new service, Kids in Care. The current name, Youth Care UPA, evolved from a Strategic Planning meeting in 2003, when at that time, children and young people were consulted about the name Kids in Care.

The children and young people decided that the change of name to Youth Care UPA reflects the service we provide to them (children and young people). Furthermore, the name change acknowledges the contribution, which UPA makes to the program.